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Welcome to Bloom Abi!

Abi Moser is coming to Bloom and with her comes talent, passion, positivity, kindness and so much more!

I first met Abi while she was a student in Cosmetology School. I could tell even then that she took her time in school seriously and thought of "doing hair" as her future career instead of just something to do to pass the time and get out of class.

I also had the privilege to work with Abi in the early years of her career. She always had a passion for her craft, a drive to grow and hunger to learn that made her stand out. Fast forward a few years and a busy schedule full of clients that love her and her beautiful Instagram portfolio speak volumes.

I am so happy that she will be joining Kara and I at Bloom to become independent in her business and take her career to the next level!

Welcome Abi to your new salon home! I am looking forward to working beside you, collaborating and of course watching you bloom!

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